Core Principles


DIVAServices is a RESTFul Web Service framework for Document Image Analysis (DIA) methods. The current entry API endpoint is available

In simple terms this means the framwork provides access to DIA methods through basic HTTP GET and POST requests. This also means that DIVAServices provides NO user-interface but it provides an API for accessing and executing DIA methods in the cloud.

If you would like to experiment with the available methods we provide DIVAServices-Spotlight

RESTful Principle

The RESTful principle is explained in the visualization below. In DIVAServices GET requests can be used to access information and POST requests can be used to execute methods.

RESTful Principle (Source)

Experiment it live

As an example GET will list all available methods in JSON as below:

    "name": "Otsu Binarization",
    "description": "Otsu Binarization",
    "type": "binarization",
    "url": ""
    "name": "HOOSC Feature Extraction",
    "description": "This code extracts Histogram of Orientation Shape Context (HOOSC) local shape descriptor from an input hieroglyph image.",
    "type": "imageprocessing",
    "url": ""

An in-depth explanation of the API endpoints is available here.